1. Don’t promise if you are not sure you will keep the promise!
2. Always behave with respect to every Bulgarian in the world!
3. Be careful not to cross the vilify limit and not to succumb to low worship!
4. Do not insult, do not touch and do not envy a compatriot in a fit of rage!
5. Do not slander – you will not prove the bad in the other, you will only compromise yourself!
6. Do not rush to argue with a person who is not well informed!
7. Never and under no circumstances betray a Bulgarian or Bulgaria!
8. Don’t pay attention to the insults you will hear on the street! Be above that! If you pass, you will not lose, but you will avoid a scene!
9. If you can’t say something good about a Bulgarian, don’t say bad, even if you know one!
10. Do not ignore other people’s advice – listen! The right to follow them is up to you! Taking advantage of friendly advice is an art, no worse than the art of giving yourself good guidance!

11. The strength of the Bulgarians is not in the impulses, but in the unity!

12. Protect the reputation of Bulgarians and Bulgaria!

13. There are situations in life that force the heart to shut up and use your mind!
14. Always be alert and do not relax! Your opinion is important!
15. In the argument, try to keep your words soft and your arguments firm! Try not to annoy your opponent, but to convince him of your rights!

16. Social Network was created to unite Bulgarians on the Internet, for support and mutual assistance outside it! We are all equal here!

17. Nothing educates more than the realization of one’s own mistakes! This is one of the main means of self-education! Only he who does nothing is wrong!

18. When two people have argue, they are both guilty!

19. Authority must be gained through knowledge, deeds and trust! The important thing is for your supporters to respect you, not to be afraid of you! Where there is fear, there is malice and hatred!

20. There is nothing worse than indecision! Better a poor hesitation than no hesitation at all.

21. A person who has fear from nothing is more powerful than one who fears everything!

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